Saturday, November 22, 2014

Catching Up

 As I type, it is blowing snow outside.  However, I am cozy in our home warmed by a fireplace stocked with wood my husband felled and chopped, and that was stacked by the Farm Kids.  The elk roast, harvested by said husband, and complimented by root veggies from several friends' gardens, smells delicious.  I'm sure it will taste divine.

There is just something about being able to enjoy the fruits of your labors.  There is a soul-drenching contentment in working hard and enjoying all that God has graciously provided. 
In our short time homesteading, it didn't take long to learn a few things:  The work is hard.  It is usually unending.  Just when you think you've finished projects or chores, something else pops up.  
The work is hard.  Much harder and more time consuming than I'd expected.    
But the rewards are limitless.
And my soul is drenched in contentment and my heart is happy.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!

Now that the weather has turned cold, I find that, while the chores have not slowed down, I am spending more time indoors.  That's good news for you!  I will have time to get to all the posts and pictures and updates for this blog I've been planning to share for the last five months!

So, hold on to your cowboy hats.  Or your snow hats.
We're gonna get caught up, you and me!


  1. I am loving seeing this through your eyes..... more, more.